ActionCOACH Global Conference BFO’s – Part 1

Here are a few things you can apply to improve your performance and the success of your business:
  1. Have the one primary goal you are working on up on your wall (and your coach’s wall), in front of you until it is accomplished.
  2. Many of us think about the new things we should start doing, few of us invest any time at all on identifying the things we need to stop doing.
  3. From Stedman Graham, the day one guest conference speaker:
    1. a.“Your business is only as good as you.” – If you want business to get better, you need to improve.
    2. “We all have 24 hours in each day … therefore we are all equal.” – How do you invest your 24 hours?
    3. Whenever you let someone define you, they will always define you as less than them. Take care with your reputation, first impressions and the promises you make.
  4. What do the 1% of the population who are extremely successful do that we can learn from:
    1. They have a strong WHY
    2. They operate Present-Future not Past-Present
    3. They are results driven
    4. They operate above the line – They take ownership, they are accountable and they take responsibility for their results
    5. They think and plan
    6. They have a belief in success
    7. They value their worth
    8. They have clarity of purpose
    9. They are congruent between their intention and their attention
    10. They continually grow and learn
  5. If you can’t see it, you can’t be it – have clarity of vision.
  Stay tuned, more to follow.