What Can We Learn About Business From The Boston Pops – Part 1

While at Tanglewood last night for a wonderful Boston Pops Orchestra concert under the baton of conductor Keith Lockhart, I started thinking (as I often do) about business.  It was then that a very powerful analogy struck me … a successful business is analogous to a symphonic orchestra.
  • An orchestra has sections; violins, cellos, violas, percussion, etc. – a business has, or will have, departments; production, shipping, marketing, sales, etc.
  • An orchestra has management; first chairs, section leaders, conductor, etc. – a business also has management; department heads, managers, executives, etc.
  • Most importantly, an orchestra has both a local (short-term) mission, the score of the piece they are performing and a global (long-term) mission, delivering beautiful, meaningful music to the audience. Your business, to be successful, not just in the short-term, but in the long-term as well, MUST have both a global mission and local (departmental) missions in order to consistently deliver value to your customers.
Just like the Boston Pops and The Boston Symphony benefits from the teamwork that starts with their mission and culture, and enables them to deliver beautiful music night after night, so can your business benefit from the strong team based performance that results from having a powerful, communicated and genuine mission and culture.