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Mike O’Brien, Retired Owner of Mike O’Brien Heat Cool & Plumbing (upon his retirement)

Thank you for advising me and being a supporter. I enjoyed our talks , it was an hour that brought me down to a level of poise and allowed for me to do introspection to myself, my work and the environment I was within.

Thank you again .


Jim Sheuchenko of Property Management Advisors, LLC ( about my eNewsletter and Blog (Click here for my blog) said:

“Michael, You packed 20lbs of great ideas and techniques in your 5lb email bag . . . Jim”



Aishah Coleman of AC Design & Development Corp. ( speaks about her experience and results as a result of having coach Michael Breitman on her success team.


“I wanted to share the positive response and success I’ve had in incorporating the “wifle” session during our staff meetings. It truly has boosted our staff morale. Designating this time in the beginning of our staff meetings have given staff members the opportunity to share and express their thoughts and feelings. Doing this has also given the managers an opportunity to hear how staff feels. In one of our meetings a secretary expressed how overwhelmed she was and we were able to sit down with her after the meeting to assess her work load and provide support where it was needed. So many times people get in their zone of work and forget about voicing a need, the wifle gives us this insight and making sure that staff knows everyone has a voice to speak out and share!

We recently introduced burnings to our staff meetings and will let you know how that goes.

Thank you for coaching me and giving us this insight with the “wifle” session. My team is benefiting from it! J.”

Fabienne Schnurr, MBA  Winthrop Pediatrics Associates


Ed Chewens of Winthrop University Hospital discusses his experience being coached.



Dennis Rosenthal CEO
JonKeith Communications

At the suggestion of a friend I went to an Action Coach free seminar hosted by founder Brad Sugars. I was moderately impressed, at least enough to take up their offer of a free coaching session. Michael Breitman showed up at my office a few days later. We had coffee, we talked, and we talked and we talked. Before long my one hour free session had become two hours. We had several sessions following that one before I made up my mind to sign on with “Coach Michael”.

Why did I sign up? I did not just want someone who took some courses and decided he needed a carrier change and became a coach. I wanted someone with a record of success in business and relevant experience in my industry. Michael has successfully run several businesses in several industries giving him broad small business experience. One of the businesses he owned and ran successfully was a computer technology business, exactly what my business is. So this seemed like a very good match.

Michael and I have been working together for many months now. I consider him not just a coach but a friend as well. He has many great ideas which I have used. He is an excellent sounding board for my ideas and issues. He has provided me with more than the one hour per week coaching session. He has put me in touch with a number of potential clients and partners and helped me make a number of worthwhile business contacts. I plan on continuing the relationship and growing my business with Coach Michael at my side.


 Elizabeth R. Urbanski
Development Specialist
The Cancer Center for Kids At Winthrop-University Hospital  

Without a doubt, proper time management and prioritization are two of the keys to success. Michael has been able to show me the benefits of using the day wisely. The 90 Day Planning seminar was an excellent tool to helping me really focus on what I would like to accomplish and put me on a path to constant improvement. Doing the work that I do it is important to have people around you that are truly vested in your mission. Michael is vested in our mission and our success which allows me to explore strategies with ease. I have the advantage of having Michael’s opinion on a weekly basis. Our sessions are a time for me to bounce ideas and strategy off of him and receive positive feedback that always helps me to think of things in a different light. He brings confidence and clear thought to my days.


Gabrielle Carlson
Owner, Gabriela Inc.

Michael R. Breitman is an outstanding coach. I first became aware of him through the change I noticed in my best friend, a small business owner in the fashion industry, who began coaching with Mr. Breitman some time ago. In being coached by Mr. Breitman, I watched my friend become acutely aware of his own business, developing due diligence on a weekly basis. Since I am a fashion designer, retailing by appointment to a word of mouth clientele, I was inspired as my friend took on strategically planning business growth; I considered this possibility for myself and my business and contacted Mr. Breitman.

I believe Mr. Breitman’s coaching my friend allowed him to develop his business, growing his and increasingly take on contributing to the business growth of another, marquee fashion company that he has become a part of.

The impact Mr. Breitman’s coaching had on my friend prompted me to contact him about becoming my business coach.


Edward Chewens, Vice President, Women’s and Children’s Services
Winthrop University Hospital

Hope you had a safe flight out to LV and wish you good luck at the meeting. Your hard work on our behalf is much appreciated and I hope is recognized by your superiors.

Reading Myra’s 90 day plan today made me appreciate even more how much your work with our managers helps us achieve our goals.

It is cold here, hope its nicer in LV. Next year I will go with you to the Business Excellence Forum.

Be safe and see you next week.


From my seminars and workshops:

“Valuable information, very useful.” – Mark Shelley

“Enlightening – Plan my week better and set personal goals to match my buisness goals” – Cathy Berger of Fashion Societe

“A lot of food for thought!” – Scott Agulnick of Greenblatt & Agulnick, PC

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