Question of The Month

Essential Questions You Should Be Asking Yourself


  • November - Why do I resist creating a budget for my company? - In my former company (way before I joined ActionCOACH) there was a lot of resistance to planning and budgeting. After a kick in the butt from my CPA we created operating plans and budgets. Those plans and budgets help us to outpace our competition. Get over your resistance!
  • October - What can I learn from the other companies in my marketplace? - What are they doing that I should be doing in, or adapting to my business? What are they doing that I need to avoid?
  • September - What "quick fixes" within my organization are slowing us down?
    Are there any quick temporary fixes that seemed like good ideas at the time you implemented them that have become "permanent" and are now wrong for your business?
  • Summer - How can I effectively use A.I. in my business? - With A.I. being the subject of a lot of news coverage, congressional hearings, and hype, it has become necessary to explore how it may realistically benefit your business.
  • June - What Really Is My Product or Service? - We have found that many of our clients at ActionCOACH and many of the business organizations we interact with do not understand the total definition of the product or service they offer. To put this another way, do you know which aspects of your offering your customers most value? For a restaurant it might be simply the food, or maybe the number of menu items, or the décor, or the service, etc.
  • May - Who is my ideal client (customer/patient)? - We have found that the tighter a definition of an ideal (not only) client a business has, the more of those potential clients a company finds. The answer to this question leads to the answers to many other absolutely essential organizational, marketing and operational questions that must be answered to have a well planned business.
  • April - What if this works? - When you begin a new product, service, marketing campaign or sales initiative, are you prepared for the upside?
  • March - Why should I be on your team? - Based upon your ideal team member's values.
  • February - Why should I be your customer? - Based upon your ideal customer's value proposition, not yours.
  • January - What is your top goal for 2023?